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Bastaria.com a website of wooden art & furniture  a firm formed by a group of tribal artesian having a reputed name in the field of eco-friendly of bastar Handicrafts. It is India's premier manufacturer and exporter of  original tribal Handicrafts. It came into existence with the twin objective of export promotion and trade development of tribal handicrafts and tribal village home industry products of the famous bastar. Our product includes premium quality & original hand made bronze craft, wood craft, wooden furniture and utility articles. Our artesian are PRESIDENT AWARDEES & WINNER of many other prestigious awards. Artesian produce traditional handicraft that eschew class and character of the aboriginal tribes used for ages, which can't be copied or reproduced in any form of machine. The unique craft of bell metal (DHOKRA) is prepared by using the scrap material which is unique example of eco-friendly products not found anywhere else in the world. Its a unique knowledge of nature conservation not known or practiced by the modernized world.

We also offer you a unique range of
tribal art and antique style furniture like folding sofa sets, double beds, dining sets, cabinets, in teak and rose wood.

The range of crafts covered by tribals are metal crafts (mix of zinc & bronze), Wood craft, cane and Bamboo, and Wrought Iron.

Our workforce comprises of a team of master tribal craftsmen, each experts in their crafts. The entire production is carried out in our workshop in
bastar, so that we may be able to monitor the entire manufacturing process and quality of craft.

Bastaria.com was established in 1995 by Mr. Rakesh Agrawal, an expert in the trade from bastar with a group of artesian.

Our experience and in depth knowledge of this Handicrafts gives us an edge over the others operating in this sphere. Bastaria.com is working for the revival, survival and encouragement of traditional heritage of tribals. It is all set to propagate the vitality of almost 5000 years of Indian handicrafts across the length and breadth of the globe.

Explore the rich handicraft tradition of tribal planet of India(BASTAR) with us...




: bastaria@gmail.com